Saturday, August 17, 2013

Coming Soon: Lost Worlds, Retraced Anthology

Third Flatiron has announced the lineup for its Fall 2013 anthology, "Lost Worlds, Retraced." Thirteen great stories coming on September 1! Here's a preview:

Table of Contents
The Sun Greeter by Marilyn K. Martin
Gods & Emperors by Jonathan Shipley
The Grim by Konstantine Paradias
Parallelobirds by Soham Saha
Jango Rides Again by Maureen Bowden
The Story of How Akamu and Elikapeka Created the City Under the Ice by DeAnna Knippling
Lindow Five by Judith Field
Schrodinger's Soldier by Ron Collins
Breach of Contract by Andrew Kozma
Not Alone by Sarah Hodgetts
Ninth From the Sun by Bruce Golden
Parallel Universe by Will Morton
The Real Story by Neil Davies 

Podcast, Anyone?

Also, we're excited to announce that we will be doing podcasts of selected stories beginning next month. When the "Podcasts" tab appears (around September 1), you'll be able to subscribe to our RSS feed.

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