Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two Geeks

A month or so after starting this blog, I was curious whether it would
be indexed by Google. The settings indicated it would.

A bit to my surprise, I discovered there are *two* sites called the
well-rounded geek on The only difference is that the
other one isn't hyphenated. Not my grammatical preference, but by
today's standards, acceptable usage.

Kind of a shock, there, blogspot. I've signed up with lots of other
services, sites, vendors, etc., and they never let me take a name that
was already taken. Guess I just assumed the same would apply to the
title I gave my blog.

My daughter took a light-hearted poke at the other geek, saying,
"Don't worry mom, his idea of being well rounded is probably something
like knowing *both* C and Java."

At any rate, I apologize abjectly to the other geek for treading on
his territory. Hopefully we will complement each other and do our best
to raise all geeks to well roundedness.

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