Monday, April 19, 2010

The Bravery in Breck

We trundled up to Breckenridge this weekend to see The Bravery, who
played before a small crowd for the Spring Massive (end of the ski

This post-punk band out of New York has spent most of the past five
years being huge in the U.K. Amazingly (to me), the show was
free. Maybe they haven't been as big in the U.S., but I felt they have
a Springsteen-like charisma and thought the show was fantastic. There
were a lot of kids in the audience, so lead singer Sam Endicott showed
admirable restraint and only dropped the F bomb once or twice, while
bass player Mike Hindert kept his clothes on.

Endicott has a Robert Smith-like voice, so some of their songs sound
like the Cure. But the band can also rock hard. Drumming talent is key
to punk rock (think Green Day, for whom they opened last year), and
Anthony Burulcich has it in spades.

Highlights were "Believe," "An Honest Mistake," and "Time Won't Let Me

The band attempted to do a song in praise of summer, "Hey Sunshiney
Day." I think Coloradans are spoiled and believe sunshine is a
birthright. Songs with this theme (e.g., "One Day Like This" by Elbow)
are a lifeline to people suffering the drear of another gray day.

Now to download some more of their songs...

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