Friday, February 3, 2012

Third Flatiron Publishing: My New Venture

I've recently begun a new publishing venture, Third Flatiron
Publishing, LLC. I plan to publish eBooks of the science
fiction/fantasy genre.

I've long been interested in trying my hand at fiction writing as
well, but this publishing thing is new. As I explored the marketplace
for writing, I discovered that the bar for getting into publishing is
much lower nowadays than when I started out as a writer/editor in the
1970s. Ebooks are the coming thing, and I hope to get on the wave.

It's easier to write a business plan because it's easier to survey the
marketplace via such resources as and It's
easier to set up a "storefront" via such services as, which
offers easy website management tools such as liveSite.

It's easier to distribute online via services such as Yes,
they will take a cut of everything that sells, but they provide
services like formatting for a variety of eReaders, providing free
ISBNs, and distributing to vendors such as Barnes and Noble and iTunes.

I believe that three items will determine the success or failure of
Third Flatiron: content, pricing, and positioning.

Content: I'm thrilled that I am already getting strong content from
writers all over the Internet who are beginning to submit to Third
Flatiron. My first three issues will be SF/Fantasy anthologies. I
should be able to purchase a dozen or so good stories for each

Pricing: I still have a lot to learn in this regard. I fully expect to
lose money at first while I'm still learning. At first I'm going to
pay writers a flat rate, but if they sell well, I'll take my cut but
offer them some royalties.

Positioning: Ditto. This will be the trickiest area, I think. I've
spent my life as a creative writer rather than a business-oriented
publisher, so I will need to learn how to market my writers. I
certainly plan to do what I can. Facebook and blogging ought to help.

So, if you want to write good SF and get paid a little something to do
it, check out our site at

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