Friday, June 1, 2012

My First Issue

Well, it's finally out. Some details still have to fall in place, but I say a cautious "Woo hoo!"

Third Flatiron Publishing presents "Over the Brink," a new digital anthology of science fiction stories by an international group of award-winning and emerging writers, who offer their visionary takes on the theme of environmental disaster. Contributors include Colleen Anderson, Kurt Bachard, Thomas Canfield, Linda A.B. Davis, William Highsmith, Rich Larson, Curtis James McConnell, Mark Mills, Tim Myers, Khristo Poshtakov, Ian Rose, Ken Staley, and Robina Williams. These expert storytellers show us a broken world that is at once guilty and innocent, leaving us to ponder the aftermath.

It's been really fun editing this issue. The authors are all great (read: very patient with my first fumbling efforts). The stories are great too. The issue comprises a tasty baker's dozen short stories about the possible consequences of fooling Mother Nature. These tales are sometimes heart-breaking, sometimes way out or hilarious, but always mind-expanding. It's an honor to include them in my first issue. To say nothing of the fine cover by Keely Rew.

I Hope People Will Buy It

Over the Brink is available for online reading in multiple ebook formats, including Epub (for iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo), .mobi (Kindle), HTML, PDF, plain text, RTF, and Palm.

Download from (Free samples available. Full book price: $2.99 USD).

Download from (Kindle edition).

I'm still waiting for premium distribution status from Smashwords, but when that happens (soon), the book will also be available from the iTunes Store, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

I'm getting ahead of myself for sure, but someday I hope to graduate to the big leagues (professional publisher status with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America). Maybe SF is making a big resurgence. Have you seen the latest issue of The New Yorker? It's a special SF issue.

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