Monday, December 3, 2012

Pushing for a Pushcart

Third Flatiron published some great stories this year. So, we
wanted to spread the word by entering some of our best stories in the
Pushcart Prize competition. The Pushcart Prize is an annual
anthology of the best from small publishers.

Congratulations to the following nominees:

Spring 2012 Anthology: Over the Brink: Tales of Environmental Disaster
Tempest Kings by William Highsmith
Chameleon's Cry by Tim Myers
Essence of Bat by Robina Williams

Fall 2012 Anthology: A High Shrill Thump: War Stories
Angel by K. R. Cairns
A Childproof War by Lon Prater

Winter 2012 Anthology: Origins: Colliding Causalities
Seascape Zero by John Davies

We wish our nominees the best of luck and thank them for letting us
publish their wonderful work.

Origins Anthology Is Out!

They say there's a kernel of truth in every bit of outlandish lore.
But when the heart of a thing has been lost, perhaps an archeological
expedition is in order. You are free to join us, but time travel may
be required. Follow these gifted storytellers as they search for the
origins of social repression, Gods and myths, Bigfoot, alien
abductors, rational thought, androids, and, of course, dairy products.

Origins: Colliding Causalities

The Missing Link, Janett L. Grady
Hollow Man Dances, James Beamon
How to Locate and Capture Time Travelers: A Memo, Alex Shvartsman
Five Tips for Abducting a Human Without Being Caught, Draft One, Sarina Dorie
What the Meteor Meant, Neil James Hudson
At War Again, L. Lambert Lawson
Revelations, Soham Saha
Question and Answer, Cathy Bryant
Beginning of All Things, Ahimsa Kerp
Seascape Zero, John Davies
The Origin of Dairy Products, Larry Lefkowitz
Carmilla's Mask, Jordan Ashley Moore
Of Men and Gods, T. A. Branom

Available on Smashwords and Amazon. Coming soon to other online
distributors, including iTunes, Sony, and Barnes and Noble.

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