Thursday, March 14, 2013

Free Stuff and Feminism (Alliteration)

I've put a bit more free stuff out there in web form, including the lead stories of three of Third Flatiron's anthologies:

Quarantine, by Edward H. Parks - Universe Horribilis anthology

Of Men and Gods, by T.A. Branom - Origins: Colliding Causalities anthology

The Man Who Couldn't Die, by David L. Felts - A High Shrill Thump: War
Stories anthology

People can get these stories free anyway, if they are sampling the anthologies on Smashwords or Amazon, so I hope this makes it easier for folks who stop by my blog to get samples this way.

I've also put one of my own flash fiction stories, "Jam Night," on my author website at

The new anthology, "Universe Horribilis" is selling a little better than the previous one, but it is a tough slog to get reviews or readers. I've raised the author pay rate in hopes of attracting more good writers and working our way up to pro rates. But I have to say the ones I've found so far are quite good! Please buy them! We've got some great female authors, like Sarina Dorie and Robina Williams!

Speaking of Reviews

I would encourage everyone to get on over to the Lady Business website to see Renay's (I guess she just goes by Renay?) analysis of a randomly selected set of SF book bloggers and whether there is sex bias in what gets reviewed. Of course there is. She counted the number of reviews of authors that were female as compared to the reviews of authors that are male. The results:

    Group blogs: 25% women
    Female bloggers: 58% women
    Male bloggers: 19% women

Even I, a purported feminist, suffer from a tendency to skew toward reading (and reviewing) stuff with a male name on it. Probably that's why I read Julian May, James Tiptree Jr., Andre Norton, and . . . Oh, wait.

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